Selling your home - Right Up Their Alley!

Yes they sell houses (and lots of them), but more than that, the professionals at Seay Real Estate:

• Lighten loads of responsibility for owners of vacant houses who are struggling to maintain them while paying associated expenses.

• Provide an efficient and informative means for their buyer clients to find the house that will become their home.

• Provide peace of mind for their clients as they transition from one residence to another knowing that the real estate related details    are being handled by professionals who have done so thousands of times before.

• Help folks decide whether or not buying or selling real estate is a good idea for them given their unique situations. They have    counseled many "would be" clients by telling them that the time is not right to do so.

• Make a way for people to get on with their lives by doing what it takes to get them to the next place.

• Negotiate favorable terms for their clients that leave them better off financially than they might have been without such assistance.

5 Reasons Homes don't Sell - PDF

Chad Seay RealtorSeay Real Estate Excels in Representing Sellers!

The process typically begins with an email or phone call. Chad, or a staff member, will ask for details about your property, current mortgage balance, and your plans regarding where you will go next (if applicable). If it seems like they can help at that point, a time will be scheduled for Chad to visit your property for further assessment.

Upon arrival, Chad will take a look at your house, inside and out, before sitting down with you to discuss his findings. If your property is in need of improvement, Chad can compare for you the difference between fixing it up and selling it "as is." If you are not in a position to make improvements, it's no biggie. The Team will sell it like it is. Should you decide to have repairs or improvements done to the property, The Team can assist you by arranging for contractors to provide estimates and then do the work if you so desire.

Chad will be prepared to share with you information pertaining to properties like yours that have recently sold. Using this information the way an appraiser would, Chad will tell you how much your house should sell for.

Next, Chad will go over his proven marketing system with you. He will share with you exactly what will be done to get your property sold ( in an average time of approximately 60 days)!

Upon deciding to hire the Chad Seay Team to get your house sold, you will sign an "Authorization to Sell Agreement" and within one business day, your property will be on the market!

From there, you will receive weekly emails or phone calls to keep you aware of market conditions and response to your particular property. Once an offer is obtained, Chad will help you negotiate it to your satisfaction. From that point, your transaction coordinator will order necessary inspections, check on the purchaser's financing regularly, and keep you informed as the transaction moves toward closing.

This is a proven process that has brought about the successful sale of thousands of homes in the Richmond area! And you don't pay a dime unless or until it works for you! Oh, and you can cancel your listing agreement at any time, prior to sale, without penalty!

Why Choose Seay Real Estate?

Margaret Sinkler - Dedication

Chad's dedication and hard work was very appreciated. His knowledge of the real estate business was very much demonstrated in the short period of time it took to sell my house, aide me in finding another house, and the remainder of the transaction. I cannot think of any area that needed improvement. They are the best.

Jim & Cheryl Payne - Communication
Vicki King - Representation
Earl & Judy Crawford - Professionalism
Aubrey &Laurie AmadeO - Appreciation
William G. LeonarD - Team Oriented
Carrie Arnall /West family - Marketing Values
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